About Enteracloud

We combine business acumen, industry expertise, and enterprise-level infrastructure
to create solutions that deliver results

Enteracloud was founded in 2010 to provide cloud computing and infrastructure solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in and around Carlsbad, California. By combining the three essential components of a true cloud solution -- connectivity, infrastructure, and support -- we are able to help our customers implement technology that helps their business instead of slowing it down.

Our mission is to help our clients leverage technology to run their business more efficiently, become more competitive, and better serve their customers. As a trusted technology advisor, we want our clients to get the most out of their IT investment by helping them not only cut costs, but also increase productivity through efficient processes -- so they can focus on business goals, while relying on our solutions to drive them forward.


Enteracloud Leadership

Timothy Doscher


Tim manages the overall operations of Enteracloud, including product development, operations, marketing, communications, and logistics. Tim’s strengths are in developing and approving the strategies that ultimately meet the needs of Enteracloud’s customers and employees. Tim is heavily involved with the leading and communicating of all policies that affect the team members and customers of Enteracloud, and Tim’s passion lies in creating and executing strategies that help Enteracloud customers become more agile, productive, and profitable. Tim basically makes every hard, important decision at Enteracloud.

David Wiedmaier

Field Services Manager

Dave manages the field service personnel who perform on-site routine services including installation, maintenance, and repair of the technology for Enteracloud’s clients. Dave oversees the scheduling and training of field service representatives, handles all service contracts, and directs support services. Dave also develops methods, guidelines, and policies to facilitate the delivery of all the Enteracloud services with the utmost efficiency. Dave ensures all customer issues are resolved that exceed expectations, utilizing engineering, manufacturing, and our other teams as needed. Dave is essentially the cog and gear to the field services activities at Enteracloud.

Sarah Butterworth

Sr. Account Executive

Sarah develops, maintains, and builds favorable relationships with Enteracloud’s new and existing clients in order to drive revenue and positive results. She ensures all clients needs are met by consistently managing the delivery of all Enteracloud’s services and is responsible for larger, more complex client accounts. Sarah manages, reports and tracks all sales and marketing activities, working around the clock to resolve any issues or concerns that Enteracloud clients might encounter. She is responsible for reviewing client accounts, selling new business, and helping upsell Enteracloud clients to new services that bring concrete value to their businesses. Sarah pretty much works around the clock.

Eli Holliday

Systems Administrator Lead

As Systems Administrator Lead Eli is responsible for the technical design, planning, and implementation for all mission critical enterprise systems. Eli and his team operate at the highest level of performance, guaranteeing the success of all technical aspects related to the system administration for Enteracloud’s complex operating systems. Eli specializes in redesign and configuration of operating systems and system applications, while investigating and analyzing the feasibility of system requirements for client projects. Eli also develops system specifications, identifies methods, solutions, and provides project leadership and management in order to provide a high level of service to the clients of Enteracloud.

Rob Hardin

Network Lead

Rob develops, plans, and implements the overall strategic goals of an organization's network system. Rob evaluates and recommends changes to current and future network requirements to meet the organization's needs. Rob also ensures that project and department milestones are met, adhering to approved budgets and processes.

Alex Carney

Infrastructure and Datacenter Lead

Alex manages and coordinates IT infrastructure projects to meet company and client needs. Alex ensures that standards and procedures are followed during design and implementation of information systems. He is responsible for monitoring the systems to ensure the highest level of infrastructure performance. Alex assists in network interface planning, hardware resource availability and the development of new applications.

Harold Shirley

Help Desk Lead

Harold manages a team of support personnel who troubleshoot and resolve IT issues. Harold ensures the help desk staff uses the required tools and software to identify, document, track and resolve reported problems. Harold is responsible for planning, prioritizing and scheduling help desk activities to ensure maximum issue resolutions in minimum time. Harold is adept at developing and training the help desk staff, analyzing help desk activities, and developing tools and processes to optimize service and performance.