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 In today’s ever-changing business environment, there is intense pressure on businesses to build and maintain expansive and complex IT infrastructures in order to compete. Companies pour scarce resources into data center development unsure of how to accurately measure ROI or how to control costs in the face of increasing demand.

Enteracloud takes the worry out of data center solutions. With our engineering and design expertise on your side, you can spend less time worrying about rising hardware and energy costs and more time running your business.

Data Center Ecosystem
To the experts at Enteracloud, a data center is not just a collection of networks, servers, storage and software, but an IT ecosystem delivering applications and services to users, wherever they are located, with a high degree of reliability, consistency and security. In order for any ecosystem to thrive, a delicate balance must be maintained. Critical elements like capacity, energy use, scalability and configuration work together to reliably manage workloads 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Enteracloud, we can help you find and maintain that balance. We leverage powerful assessment tools and high quality products from leading manufacturers to reduce costs, minimize complexity, reduce energy consumption and create the value that makes your IT investment worthwhile.

Los Angeles Datacenter

Our Los Angeles datacenter is the same location where that nation’s 12 largest internet providers connect to each other.  We leverage this connectivity through multiple gigabit upstream providers in addition to our private gigabit connectivity to our datacenter in Arizona.  Our infrastructure utilizes the latest 6500 series Cisco core switches and routing with fiber connections directly to upstream providers.


•Redundant power, temperature-, and humidity-control systems.
•An on-site generator farm with 17 1500kw generators and 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel.
•Pre-action fire-suppresion system.


•24 hour guarded facility
•Biometric scanner (fingerprint) plus cardkey secured access.
•Continuous CCTV access.

Phoenix Datacenter

 features a 3,000 square foot meet-me room (MMR) specifically dedicated to IP transit and transport providers. The MMR is encased in fire-rated walls and two-person multifactor authentication is required for entry. The meet-me room also has a dedicated cross-connect room (CCR) within it to enable easy, clean connectivity between carriers and clients. Additionally, the CCR has two divergently trenched meet-me vaults (MMVs) encased in concrete and slurry. Having two dedicated MMVs allows carriers to rapidly deploy and augment their networks without having to trench into the facility.


To maximize uptime, our phoenix datacenter provides 2N redundancy all the way back to the substation. Each server cabinet is fed by 2N divergently fed power circuits. Leveraging uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, There are two medium voltage UPS units to protect both electrical and mechanical systems.
Unlike more common systems which can be the Achilles’ heel of a data center, Our UPS system is in stand-by, 99% efficient (including battery cooling), and monitored 24×7 for any anomalies. To maximize scalability there are four 10 megawatt feeds delivered along two different geographic paths.


Our Arizona datacenter facility utilizes highly efficient modular chilled water plants (MCWPs). Designed to be scalable and N1 throughout, the MCWPs are UL listed equipment that connect to redundant water loops, feeding the computer room air handlers (CRAH). The CRAH units leverage plug fans to move large volumes of air into all datacenter rooms in seconds, and are kept in service galleys that feed into the large datacenter rooms, which feature 36-inch raised flooring. This raised-floor environment has no cable or electrical obstructions, maximizing the amount of chilled air that can circulate.

San Diego Datacenter

 Data Center Size: 88,000 square feet
Data Center Options: Custom Suites
Secured Cages
Locking Cabinets
Power Infrastructure: Two separate electrical systems (2N)
16kW / rack or higher
Two (2) 12 kVA utility feeds (over 25 Megawatts of capacity)
Power Options: 2N, N+1, N
Backup Generators: Two (2) 12 kVA Caterpillar 2 Megawatt Generators
Cooling: Customized Airflow / 220 CFM Air Handling Plant
Fire Suppression: Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA)
UPS: Two (2) separate UPS rooms
Network Infrastructure: Carrier Neutral Data Center
Three (3) diverse fiber paths to the building
Multiple ISPs / Carriers
T-1, DS3, PRI, Ethernet, Gig E & Fiber Cross Connects available
Security: Multi-factor security infrastructure
All access / egress points to the facility are alarmed
Network operations behind bullet-proof glass
Biometric Scanners
Video Surveillance of core data center infrastructure and data rooms
Access/Operations: Staffed continuously. Clients have access to the facility 24x7x365
Hourly rounds performed to physically check NOC/Data Center status

Dallas Datacenter

Our state-of-the-art, fully redundant data center offers unparalleled control, security and the following essential data center colocation services:

SAS70 Type II audited
Full cabinet and half cabinet solutions
24/7/365 physical access
Pre-approved control access list with ID check in man-trap
Covered dock with three bays
Staging area and secure customer storage available
Multiple conference rooms and break room

data center colocation services are powered and protected by best-in-class equipment, including:
Redundant A, B, C and D power backup available via four 750 KVA UPS systems (expanding to eight)
Three 1.5 MW Cummins generators with load bank for testing (expanding to 6)
Lightning Protection System
14,400 volt main electrical service
Pre-action dry pipe fire detection and suppression
In our Dallas-based data center, colocation equipment is well-managed and maintained thanks to our extensive cooling system which includes:
Four 500-ton Trane chillers
Liebert air handling units
Ice storage system with 46 ice storage tanks
Dual water mains with diverse entries
Abundant chilled water capacity at 2(N) redundancy
Security and support
Security is one of our most important data center colocation services. your investment is protected by our unsurpassed security and support services which include:
Secure entrance with check-in station and man-trap
24 hour staffing of Network Operations Center
Free remote hands and eyes
Free bandwidth reporting
100% power SLA available
Perimeter fence with gate access control
Interior and exterior video surveillance

Las Vegas Datacenter (Coming Soon)

Atlanta Datacenter (Coming Soon)

New York Datacenter (Coming Soon)