Los Angeles Colocation

Los Angeles Colocation

Enteracloud’s Los Angeles Colocation facilities allow you to share world-class data centers for housing computer equipment that supports your critical business applications and services. Colocation centers were once thought to make economic sense only for larger organizations with budgets sufficient to pay for rack space, the need for 24×7 operation, the mandate for tight physical security, and the skill to manage an off-site IT system. Today, virtualization technology has radically reduced the space required for multiple servers, almost everybody needs 24×7 network operation, and remote management and troubleshooting tools make it affordable for businesses of any size to outsource the administration and support of colocated systems.

Enteracloud’s Microsoft and Cisco certified consultants can help your business with all aspects of your colocation strategy including selecting and migrating to a colocation facility, including the RFP process, designing the system architecture, specifying hardware requirements, on-site and on-line troubleshooting, setting up remote network management/monitoring, and training your IT staff.

Why Los Angeles Collocation?

An in-house data center offering the dependability and security of a Tier 4 colocation facility would cost millions of dollars to build and operate, far beyond the reach of most businesses. For companies located in seismically active areas, all this expense would still fall short of the network availability offered by major collocation sites. By spreading the cost of facilities and operation across many clients, collocation centers can offer a variety of high-end features:

  • Non-stop access to multiple high-speed Internet connections with auto-failover
  • Long-term power backup fed by dedicated substations
  • Redundant Air Cooling Systems
  • Fine-grid fire suppression systems that minimizes impact on adjacent systems
  • Physical security with card-key and biometric access controls and 24×7 security staff
  • 24×7 staffed operations center with certified engineers for monitoring and maintenance

A major advantage of Los Angeles Colocation that is often overlooked is fast Internet connectivity. Most small businesses are located in offices where the only practical options for Internet access are DSL or cable. Both of these technologies are asymmetrical and offer slow return paths. This makes them poorly suited for delivering data outward, which is a requirement for hosting a responsive commercial web site. Colocation centers generally have the option of full gigabit fiber connections to the Internet, offering more than 100 times the performance of cable at a fraction of the cost per megabit of bandwidth. High speed Internet connectivity joins fault tolerance, data protection, security, and reliability as critical advantages that colocation centers have over locally-hosted small business networks.

Our Colocation Support Services for Businesses

Whether you need help selecting a facility, planning the move your mission-critical equipment to a colocation facility or need help managing and supporting your existing colocated equipment, we can provide the expertise you need to benefit fully from world-class data centers while keeping within your IT budget.

Colocation RFP Writing

When it comes to selecting colocation providers, quite simply, we know what to ask, and how to ask it.  Since we have developed these before, we efficiently create a Request for Proposal (RFP) after meeting with you to discuss your requirements.  We can manage the entire process, assessing and scoring the RFP responses and presenting the results in clear business terms.

Colocation Migration Support Services

Enteracloud’s colocation consultants and cloud services experts can help you plan, select, and migrate to the facility that meets your business requirements.  Our seasoned consultants can address key issues such as security, scalability, high availability, remote access, disaster recovery, manageability, and virtualization.  We can help you carry out a seamless transition from your current environment to a colocation facility so you minimize or eliminate network disruption. Our business continuity specialists can help you formulate and document a disaster recovery plan, and our security engineers can validate your compliance with industry and government standards.

Remote and Onsite Colocation Troubleshooting and Maintenance Services

If you already have equipment at a colocation facility and need occasional or ongoing support services, our nationwide Technical Response Center can provide world-class Help Desk services and 24×7 network monitoring for early detection of problems so they can be resolved before they impact productivity. We can also help you streamline network management to lower your operating costs.

Choosing the best Los Angeles Colocation Facility

Features and pricing at colocation facilities can vary significantly. Leverage our experience in colocation to explain the options and trade-offs and can help you to select a colocation center that will add the most business value to your information system.  We can help you from the onset with a full needs assessment, or generate your RFP, or you may choose to retain our colocation consultants to assess the complex nuances of comparative quotes allowing you to make the most educated choice.