Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Today your business doesnt just rely on IT, its dependent on secure IT.Against backdrop of a constantly evolving security threat landscape, increased demands around the compliance impact of a security breach, are you facing significant pressure from your business to keep a number of calls in the air?

The Stakes are HIGH

In the event of a security breach, the organization could be exposed to the financial and reputation damage, while non-compliance with legal and other standards alone can result in steep penalties, and even criminal liability. While most organizations appreciate the importance of ensuring that data is treated with confidentiality, integrity, and prescribed availability. IT security and compliance is one of the most challenging organizational disciplines to understand, implement, and maintain.

Much of the pressure lands on the IT team

You need to have the right security policies, procedures, architecture and expertise in place if you're to maintain a robust and reliable security posture and report risk status back to the business in a standard, understandable language. Even if you're conducting regular assessments and collecting vulnerability data, have you got the tools and resources to turn this data into actionable intelligence and can you create reporting thats aligned to business priorities?

Organizations need a partner with a deep and thorough understanding of the global security landscape, one thats conversant with the latest regulatory developments and imperatives.

Enteracloud's Security Solutions

If these challenges sound familiar, Enteracloud can assist you. Our comprehensive portfolio of security solutions offers you visibility, awareness, and protection you need to be confident that all your security needs are being met.

Security isn't something that organizations can afford to get wrong

It can cost you a lot to get it right on your own. Enteracloud's security team is well placed to support you technically and geographically especially when considering the trend towards supplier, and technology consolidation. We are not a vendor which means that we can support many technologies rather then being tied to one. That said, our relationships with prominent security vendors are solid and long lasting.

We understand the security should support-not hold back.- the aspirations of your business and give you the agility to harness new technologies and computing models. This means we are able to deliver security not just in the traditional areas of the perimeter, server and client throughout the entirety of your IT infrastructure, including switching, and routing, the data, video, virtualised environments, and into the cloud. In addition, to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce, we have extended our security solutions to cater for non-traditional mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Security Solutions value proposition

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Secure Agility
  • Compliance, governance
  • Cost-Control
  • Security Management
  • Multi-Vendor aggregation

With Enteracloud Solutions, you are working with professionals who are certified to the highest levels across multiple vendors and technologies so you dont have to recruit, train, retrain, these skills in house. Augment your skills requirements with security experts who have been designing, deploying, integrating, supporting and managing security technology for almost 20 years.