5 Barriers to your business’s digital transformation and how to overcome them

5 Barriers to your business’s digital transformation and how to overcome them

Innovations in everything from social media to cloud computing have transformed every stage of the customer journey. Companies are compelled more than ever to adapt or be left behind as more agile competitors take over. Digital transformation may have started off as a buzzword, but it’s since become a business imperative across every industry.

Despite this shift, many companies have yet to see their digital transformation initiatives through to fruition. Some don’t even have a clearly defined digital strategy. If your business counts itself among them, then it’s time to overcome the barriers that are stifling your growth. Here are five of them:

Aversion to change

A risk-averse business culture that shies away from change simply isn’t compatible with the modern corporate environment. That’s why so many established businesses have closed their doors over recent years as more innovative startups take their places.

Even today, there are plenty of businesses relying on outdated software and arcane processes that will slow down their teams, displease their customers, and prevent their growth. Rock-solid change-management capabilities are essential, which is why you should always encourage a company culture that is excited about new tools and improvements.

Outdated business systems

That Windows NT-powered server might still be going strong after many years of service, but to continue relying on it for your mission-critical operations is asking for trouble. Success in digital transformation requires you to steadily retire legacy IT systems, because dated systems open up a raft of potential security issues.

No doubt you’ve experienced the hard sell from many IT vendors over the years telling you to do away with your current systems as soon as possible in favor of their cutting-edge solutions. That’s not really how things should go, however. Instead, by migrating to a managed cloud environment, you can reduce or even eliminate the need for in-house hardware upgrades.

Lack of collaboration

Are your employees still exchanging important documents over USB drives or are working in front of the office desk using a company-provided computer every day? Or, perhaps, you have a siloed organization in which communication between departments is lacking.

We live in a world without borders, at least insofar as the internet is concerned. Cloud-hosted services and mobile technology make it possible for team members to collaborate from afar. There are several better ways to tap into a truly global talent pool and boost employee morale by giving them the degree of workplace flexibility they crave.

Not thinking beyond IT

Anything technology-related has long been considered the sole domain of the IT department. Today, IT is an intrinsic part of any business. In fact, that’s what digital transformation is all about — the migration towards technology-driven processes and automation. Because of the universal role of IT across the organization, there should be no barrier between your IT department and the rest of the company.

Digital transformation initiatives often fail to meet their goals because they’re executed without the support of those outside the IT department. For example, if you’re migrating an existing web server to the cloud, you’ll need the support of your marketing people, since they will theoretically be interacting with it more than the technicians.


Whether you like it or not, technology is here to stay, and no business can survive without it. Unfortunately, this fact has also enabled the unprecedented rise of cybercrime, which is leaving some business leaders wondering whether they should go back to pen and paper rather than think about digital transformation.

The security and privacy fears are understandable, but a fact a lot of business leaders miss is that most data breaches are a direct result of human error. Changing or modernizing any business process comes with a degree of risk, but a combination of proper training and expert advice can help you mitigate these risks and bring them down to a tolerable level.

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