The pros and cons of technology advancements in the legal industry

The pros and cons of technology advancements in the legal industry

There’s no denying the transformative effect that modern technology has had across all industry sectors. However, these changes haven’t always been good. On the one hand, they’ve introduced countless new opportunities, while on the other, digital data has become the most sought-after commodity in the criminal world. In the legal industry, advancements in technology may have introduced more efficient ways to serve clients, but it has also painted a massive target on these firms.

The good — new opportunities

Easier communications

Thanks to web and mobile technologies, we now live in a connected world where law firms can be ever present for their clients. Things like different time zones and physical borders are almost irrelevant. Law firms can now hold video meetings with remote workers using VoIP technology and talk to clients on social media to keep them informed.

Automation of repetitive tasks

The legal sector has long been known for its red tape and countless reams of paperwork, but digital transformation has been rapidly changing. Repetitive tasks like document management and discovery can now be automated, which results in faster service and reduced overheads, as well as reduced chances of human error.

Mobility and flexibility

Virtual office solutions have enabled greater workforce mobility and unhindered business scalability. Law firms no longer need to be shackled by the limitations of physical office spaces and are free to work with remote employees and to expand without the risks they once faced. All it takes is an effective IT infrastructure.

Data-driven decision-making

It’s long been said that knowledge is power. Nowadays, most knowledge exists in digital form, which means businesses can now use data to drive smarter decision-making. For law firms, that means quicker and easier discovery and the ability to win clients and cases in less time than ever before.

The bad — increasing risk

Bigger attack surfaces

Unfortunately, with every opportunity comes a degree of risk, and in no case is this truer than with digital transformation. As adoption of cloud and mobile technologies continues to grow, digital attack surfaces are expanding exponentially. That’s why law firms need a way to retain full visibility into their data and manage access rights using a secure and centralized platform.

Increasing compliance challenges

With digital data being as valuable as it is ubiquitous, privacy and security have become the greatest concerns across all industry sectors. To keep up with the threats, industry regulators all over the world are introducing ever-stricter compliance regulations. Since law firms operate in a sector where confidentiality and trust are everything, this can pose a monumental challenge to them.

Outpaced by change

Moore’s law, which observes the fact that processors double in power every couple of years, is a perfect benchmark for the pace of technological change. In fact, change has and continues to come so quickly that it’s almost impossible for smaller organizations to keep up. Fortunately, outsourced IT services help level the playing field by recommending companies with cutting-edge solutions.

Effects of downtime

Being a key enabler of modern customer experiences, technology also comes with greatly increased expectations. Many law firms now worry that their clients are going to start demanding almost instant responses. In other words, they’re under increasing pressure to be constantly present to maintain their competitive edge.

It’s often said these days that every company is a technology company. Without technology, it’s all but impossible to function in an increasingly competitive environment. As such, many law firm leaders spend huge amounts of time trying to weigh up the pros and cons of adopting new technologies only for opportunities to end up passing them by. Partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) means you no longer have to worry about the pace of technological change and all the challenges that come with it. Instead, you can get back to serving clients and running your business.

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