Do you need cloud-managed information security? Here are 4 signs that you might

Do you need cloud-managed information security? Here are 4 signs that you might

Cybercrime continues to skyrocket, and it’s expected to cost the global economy $6 trillion per year by 2021. Furthermore, every organization, regardless of its size or industry, is a potential target. This presents an especially large challenge for smaller businesses, which don’t typically have the budgets and in-house expertise needed to protect themselves.

Fortunately, the rise of managed services presents a viable alternative that can give you access to the same level of information security that the world’s biggest and most successful companies enjoy. If any of these four statements describe the state of your network security, you might be better off sourcing help from the cloud:

You’ve suffered a data breach

If your business has recently suffered a data breach, you probably spent no small amount of time determining how it happened and which records were compromised. In most cases, organizations don’t discover data breaches until many months after they happen, which makes it much harder to determine the cause.

Being a victim of cybercrime, no matter the scale, is a surefire sign it’s time to rethink your IT, particularly if you’re still reliant on in-house technology. Your number one priority should be preventing another breach, and this requires the sort of proactive approach that you’re only likely to find by partnering with a managed services provider (MSP).

You don’t have an in-house CIO

According to PayScale, the average salary for a CIO in the US is just over $162,000 per year. This is far beyond what most small businesses can afford to hire, which means their duties often fall to the CEO or another person in the company who isn’t well-suited for the role. Given the challenges of data security and compliance, however, every organization needs someone who’s responsible for information protection.

Moreover, as technology infrastructures become increasingly complex, the skills needed to effectively manage information security are highly specialized. By partnering with an MSP, you can outsource this role and rest easy knowing that your network and data are being protected around the clock.

Your infrastructure is showing its age

While pushy technology vendors might try to convince you to replace your entire infrastructure as soon as possible, it is important to understand that IT needs regular maintenance and upgrades. If your systems are starting to show their age, that doesn’t mean you need to replace everything. Rather, it’s a great opportunity to rethink your IT strategy and outsource your entire infrastructure, information security included. This way, you don’t need to invest in any capital expenses, save for perhaps some new networking hardware. Instead, your computing workloads, data storage, and security will be handled in an off-site data center.

Your priorities are regularly changing

Successful businesses, particularly rapidly growing startups, are constantly changing direction to capitalize on new opportunities. If they don’t have the agility to do so, they risk being usurped by their more dynamic competitors. However, as business priorities change, so do technology requirements, and a constantly evolving IT environment means trouble when it comes to information security.

All too often, the risks end up outweighing the opportunities to the extent that cybersecurity becomes an obstacle to innovation. By contrast, outsourcing IT gives you the room to shift direction and scale with demand. No longer will the challenges of security, compliance, and data governance get in the way of business growth. If your business is growing rapidly or is expected to do so in the foreseeable future, then outsourcing your IT from the get-go will give you the agility you need to thrive.

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