How we started

Enteracloud was born out of the need to fill the gap between the technology services available for large business and those that were available to small and medium-sized businesses.

With a background of working with enterprise companies like Sony, Nokia, US Navy, US Marine Corps, Microsoft, and Cricket Wireless our founder saw this trend was not improving, only becoming more apparent.

The technologies, infrastructure, and expertise were out of the reach and budget of even the most successful small and medium-sized businesses.

The influences on our company

This idea grew into reality in 2005 through a chance meeting with the astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon.

The conversation began about the simple role of technology in NASA and how those technologies are now in our daily lives and become accessible because of the research and development done for space. This same idea that enterprise technologies could be applied and benefit even in the smallest businesses was now in motion.

During this conversation, Neil provided an amazing amount of encouragement and inspiration to make this idea happen. He passed away in 2012, but his influence and our appreciation at Enteracloud will continue to live on.

Enteracloud nowadays

Over the last decade, we have been in a constant cycle of improving the entire cloud, technologies, infrastructure, and processes. Having this ten-year headstart on our competitors is evident in the solutions we are able to deliver.

Today, our team of experts is the perfect compliment to the cloud technologies and infrastructure we have been developing and perfecting since our inception. With our goal of taking care of customers and providing them with the best technology solutions available.

Now our customers have access to technology that can help their business thrive.



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