Cloud Desktops

Accessing your computer files remotely is very convenient and has been great for productivity. But don't stop there, now you can access your entire computer system from any device with your cloud desktop!

What is the Enteracloud Cloud Desktop?

It is your entire computer desktop system sitting in the Cloud.

No longer do you need to always have your laptop with you. Your cloud desktop is now accessible from any device - desktop, latop, browser, phone, or tablet! No matter where you are or what device you are using, you can log on to the Cloud Desktop and access the same computer – your computer.

The Entire Desktop Experience – delivered through the Cloud

Your entire computer is accessible from anywhere, with all of your programs, settings and even wallpaper!

No longer is convenience limited to your files, this is your entire desktop! Everything you need and want - just how you have set it up. This is your entire computer system: operating system, software applications, files, folders, the kitchen sink – everything!

Easily Accessible from your devices

Syncing is cumbersome and creates problems trying to keep all of your files up to date. With the Enteracloud cloud desktop, there is no need to sync since all of your Cloud Desktop files are always the same live version, from any device you choose to use.

What features does Enteracloud's Cloud Desktop Offer?

Anything your desktop computer can do, an Enteracloud Cloud Desktop can do better

It can do the same as any regular computer and more – it can be accessed from any web browser in the world from any computer or mobile device. There are also additional advantages when comparing to a traditional desktop computer:


Run your Programs, Applications and Software – download and run any software or cloud service on your Cloud Desktop, this includes Microsoft Office, Office 365, Photoshop, QuickBooks, etc.

Remote File Access – Access everyone of your computer files and folders. They are all there from any device!

Accessible from the device of your choice – access your Cloud Desktop from any computer, iphone, smartphone, browser or tablet

No Syncing Required – You do not have to setup messy syncing because you are always accessing your live files

Remote Control – remotely control computers from an iPad or any tablet.

File Transfer – easy and secure file transfer from and to your Cloud Desktop.

Reduced IT Costs – pay what you use on a monthly or yearly basis. No investment into expensive hardware, IT staff or licenses required.

  • Remote file access to whomever you want, or don’t want, plus access from the device of your choice
  • No messy syncing configurations because you are always accessing your live files
  • Remotely control computers from an iPad or tablet along with secure transfer of files to and from desktops
  • Reduced IT costs by paying what you use on a monthly or yearly basis