Success Stories

This is where you can read stories that highlight work and projects we have done for our customers. See how we can customize solutions for your specific needs, as well as read about how we’ve helped companies and individuals achieve their goals.

Defended against targeted cyber attacks.

Finding out that a cyber security attack is targeting your company’s networks can be disorienting. There are plenty of choices to make along the way, and it can feel somewhat overwhelming. The tools we used in this case study are meant to help you through some of the challenges you’ll face in the real world. But they’re only part of a complete solution. Ultimately, the most important step is acting fast to defend your company against breaches — and knowing when and how to reach out for help.

Prepping for Acquisition.

We are pleased to present this case study that reviews in detail how we helped a client prepare for a sale. This covers helping to reduce costs while also have in place security and controls to keep everything secured while the deal finalizes.

Landing their biggest customer.

Here’s a great example of a company leveraging its features and benefits to land their biggest client. The company needed to design and implement new systems that would optimize software, processes and infrastructure for their biggest client , which were all things they’d successfully done for other companies before but they had never done it on such a large scale before.